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Customized homework help – all subjects, fast!

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Academic tutelage crafted precisely to your needs – following directions we receive straight from you is our definition of customized homework help. Therefore take comfort in knowing that your solution has been crafted exclusively for you. Every tutor in our team of subject experts has at least a Bachelor’s degree – many have higher graduate and post doc level qualifications. If you had any questions prior to ordering, please feel free to email us here: support AT oxenmine DOT com and use ‘customized homework help’ as subject! Someone from the herd would be with you shortly!

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  • Customized content, free of plagiarism
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  • Cost effective – from only $4/100 words (US Tax ID-ed authors)
  • Unlimited revisions are included
  • Spell checked/grammar checked
  • Meta details can be incorporated FOC
  • We write on all subjects
  • We publish too – if this is a blog post
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If you only have small number of questions – every so often – we encourage you to use the Ask a Question feature. This allows you to ask a single question. So if you are stuck on that one chemistry question on your homework or need customized homework help, understanding a concept in math this is the place for you!
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Get an OX is designed to set you up with a tutor for the entire length of your course – so you don’t have to worry about hard questions and insane concepts coming your way as your course progresses – it is your one stop shop for all the customized homework help you will need. By doing this you can ask an unlimited number of questions and have a single tutor dedicated to helping you succeed in your course.

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