Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Family Interview Paper

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Human Behavior in the Social Environment II (core social work class), assignment is to interview a family “different from your own.”  I need a 9-11 page paper, APA style, headings, subheadings, discussing a family’s cultural background, current situation, all the family members, etc., from a biopsychosocial perspective. Discuss how the family functions from the perspective of Functionalist Theory in social work (example of Functionalist theory in sw: 5 references. A family different from my own would be something like:  single parent home, ethnic minority, or include a member with a disability (but not all three, let’s not get carried away). This is 20% of this class grade, so it needs to be good.

The important thing to remember about this assignment is that it is based on actually interviewing a real family, not creating a hypothetical family, so it has to be written as if these are real people.

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