CSR in Starbucks

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Need help coming up with a scholarly article pertaining to Starbucks. Also, somehow relate it to International Strategy, Cooperative Strategy or Corporate Governance.

I need to come up with an article and have a few questions answered within the next couple of days.

I have already received one titled, “Starbucks: Maintaining a Clear Position”, by the Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies and “IMPLEMENTING CORPORATE EXTERNAL SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY STRATEGIES THROUGH ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN AND OPERATION” from the Journal of International Business Ethics. So please not the same ones.

My case is on Starbucks and the article has to be scholarly. Meaning authors’ names listed with degrees, titles or other credientials, etc. The article must be more than 5 pages, have references, report on results of research or experiements, have a review of literature, contain an abstract or summary before the article begins. Those are just some of the requires of the scholarly article.

Article Review Format: About 2 pages double spaced

The title of my article is:

The three most interesting points of my article are:

This article enhances our dicussion by:

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