Supply chain integration in organizations

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Supply Chain Integration

1) What is your opinion on MANUEL’s ANSWER to the Question below? Be sure to support your response with evidence and provide your sources, at least informally.


I believe that supply chain integration is important because it has a lot of advantages of having an integrated supply chain in a small or big business. It’s a network of both contractors and businesses that provide different services such as transportation, distribution, warehousing, raw materials, and retailing services. Information technologies are at the core of the integrated supply chains. Another reason it is important is because it gives at the management level the flexibility to respond to external events, such as the actions of competitors and changes in customer demand.

Supply chain integration can improve the inventory management. This is important because raw materials and finished products are transported long distance at times. There is also a benefit with just-in-time because the organization can assemble and manufacture their products as the orders are placed and received.

Why is supply chain integration important to organizations?

2) What is your opinion on EDLER’s ANSWER to the Question above? Be sure to support your response with evidence and provide your sources, at least informally.


Today’s logistics is understood to involve a number of activities that are subset of the activities that constitute supply chain management (SCM). Customer satisfaction is without a doubt the number one concern, not only for that organization but for the business itself. SCM encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion and all logistics management activities. Integration is the key to that success, being able to coordinate and collaborate with partners to provide sound and beneficial product. In essence, integrating the flow of the supply to and from all parties using the most efficient and effective information technology will result in company’s competitive advantages and increases the overall performance of the supply chain through value creating in supply chain.

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