Nonprofit Interview Questions

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Nonprofit interview questions

1. What are your primary needs for fundraising?
2. Do you have emergency funding or a pool of moneys for people to access in an emergency?
3. How much of your fundraising is conducted online?
4. What methods of online fundraising do you use?
5. Has the implementation of online fundraising platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe affected your fundraising ability?
6. Do you have unmet needs for the food bank that you are struggling to meet?
7. What pattern have you seen with regard to donations, since the recession?
8. Who uses your services?
9. How often do they access your services?
10. Do you find a need to connect people to additional services to ensure their needs are met?
11. How do you connect them, and to what services?
12. In what ways do you currently conduct your fundraising?
13. What has been the most effective method of fundraising?
14. Where are your primary fundraising efforts most successful? (I.e. locally, online, through organizations, etc.)
15. How stable is the organizational cash flow?
16. How do you ensure the organization continues to operate in the black?
17. What is your role in fundraising?
18. How do you feel about your fundraising efforts? Are they successful?
19. Are there backup plans to ensure the organization can continue to operate in the event that donations continue to decline?
20. If you had advice to give to a new nonprofit organization, regarding fundraising, what would it be?

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