Goal Programming Models

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Durham Designs manufactures home furnishings for department stores. Planning is underway for the production of items in the “Wildflower” fabric pattern during the next production period.

Bedspread Curtains Dust Ruffle
Fabric required (yds) 7 4 9
Time required (hrs) 1.5 2 .5
Packaging material 3 2 1
Profit/unit ($) 12 10 8

Inventory of the Wildflower fabric is 3000 yards. Five hundred hours of production time have been scheduled. Four hundred units of packaging material are available. Each of these values can be adjusted through overtime or extra purchases.

Durham would like to achieve a profit of at least $3200, minimize the amount purchased of fabric and packaging material, and minimize the amount of overtime. You may assume that each of the goals has the same priority. Formulate the goal programming model, i.e., define the decision variables, the objective function, and the constraints.

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