Research – Integrating Theory and Research Needs Assessment

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Integrating Theory and Research Needs Assessment

The Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is partnering with the Food and Drug Administration’s MedSun Project to improve patient safety by reporting problems with medical devices and ensuring compliance with reporting requirements. MedSun grants of $25,000 are available to fund research designed to improve medical device safety in clinical and operational processes.

Resource: MedSun Project located at:

Discuss your needs assessment and proposal for utilizing MedSun funds to improve medical device policies, procedures, and processes.

Research primary and secondary sources of information related to medical devices and methods to improve adverse event reporting and patient safety.

Confirm the organization has policies and procedures that support the Safe Medical Devices Act of 1990, Medical Devices Amendments of 1992, and state-specific requirements.

Clarify how this project supports short-term goals and sustains long-term objectives.

Develop a timeline for project completion.

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