Work-in-process inventory in the Weaving department

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How do I calculate Cost of the September 30 Work-in-process inventory in the Weaving department? I am providing all of the information I have.

Savannah Textiles Company manufactures a variety of natural fabrics for the clothing industry. The following data pertain to the Weaving Department for the month of September.

Equivalent units of direct material (weighted-average method) 55,000

Equivalent units of conversion (weighted-average method) 45,000

Units completed and transferred out during September 42,000

The cost data for September are as follows:

Work in process, September 1

Direct material $ 105,240

Conversion 45,948

Costs incurred during September

Direct material $ 158,760

Conversion 237,552

There were 15,000 units in process in the Weaving Department on September 1 (100% complete as to direct material and 40% complete as to conversion).


Compute each of the following amounts using weighted-average process costing.

1. Cost of goods completed and transferred out of the Weaving Department.

2. Cost of the September 30 work-in-process inventory in the Weaving Department.

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