Frequently Asked Questions

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%image% Q: Long have I waited to find out – what is oxenMINE.com after all is said and done?

” id=”id15″] A: oxenMINE.com is a developing community of tutors and students, started by a current PhD engineering student in NYC. Tutors on the website are mostly graduate students, bright, emaciated and penniless (sometimes our ribs show). Students include mostly college students. Every so often we tend to high schoolers and middle schoolers too.

oxenMINE.com was actually formed as a direct result of the Great Acad Bad War (circa 2010) that graduate students lost  to an eclectic army of juniors. And now they must offer academic help.

Sources say that the name ‘oxenMINE’ has many different subtle meanings – depending upon who you choose to ask.

Before the events leading upto the war, there was widespread resentment in junior circles toward the high handed attitude of almost all grad students – anyone will tell you this. Getting a nice grade was impossible, to ask questions toward a high grade was next to it. Then of course the war erupted (the initial revolt being led by college students mostly from Mongolia and Namibia) – resulting in oxenMINE, forcing graduate students to yield, and to provide academic help – for very cheap too. Check it out, totally. Many depictions were also made of them, in the form of oxen, you see where the images come from now.

On the other hand, enter any lab in China and the people there will tell you that ‘oxen’ in oxenMINE refers to juniors. It was juniors of the curious variety that would choose to indenture themselves to graduate students, and would get them coffee from Starbucks and other good things from other decent places, in return for career prophesies and guiding wisdom.

Its totally up to you what you choose to believe. Reality like normality is relative, afterall, and try as much as we may, opinions and prejudices find a way to tweak the judgement of the mind in the most careful of times.

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%image% Q: What does oxenMINE.com do? Why do you exist?

” id=”id1″] A: We exist because we lost the war. No. We exist to provide affordable, customized, quick tutorials for all your academic needs. Tutors at oxenMINE.com write and develop a tutorial from scratch, which consumes more time and requires a formidable effort, as lucidly with a great many steps, needed for a college senior of the most inquisitive kind. Or a dumb one. We are opposed to offering repeatedly downloaded tutorials so many other websites list. We think others that offer database downloads are in the business to only make money. We do not maintain a database for you to buy from. Therefore any tutorials we list on the website are new, original and recent-n-decent. We believe rating, choosing, haggling, paying and dealing with tutors should not be your job either. oxenMINE makes it easy and safe to get homework help!

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%image% Q: How does ‘Ask a Question’ work?

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A: Simply post the question you have with the price you are willing to pay (or offer). Someone (from the herd) would visit your post very shortly – either agreeing with the suggested price or upgrading the price for your question. Once a price is agreed upon – BUY the tutorial. Buying a tutorial only gives us the go-ahead to START WORK on your tutorial. You will NOT – NOT AT ALL receive the tutorial right away after the payment. You will instantaneously receive an email confirmation detailing your purchase, followed by another email with your tutorial – before your deadline.

If you did not specify a deadline, you are regular priority – which means ASAP here. Still give us a couple days at least please.

We use the time until the deadline to write or make it. You must already have realized there is no fast food here.

For example let’s assume today is Sunday. ‘Jizz’ the fish from a place called Horizontol Meadows needed a tutorial to prepare for their test FIRST thing Monday. This morning (that is Sunday morning) at 8 am they show up on oxenMINE. Jizz posted their question on oxenMINE. In a few minutes oxenMINE replied saying the tutorial would cost them 2 chicken nuggets and gave Jizz the go ahead to buy the tutorial posted for them; the deadline Jizz gave them was for Sunday evening 6:30 pm.

What happened next was very very simple and straight forward.

Upon buying the tutorial – Jizz immediately received an email from oxenMINE.com, confirming their purchase, and letting them know that work upon their tutorial had been started.

They waited until their deadline, and checked their email to find a wonderful tutorial from oxenMINE.com sitting in their inbox. I think we should all be thankful to Jizz for letting us use his excellent example.

BTW we will use the time from your buying the tutorial until the deadline to prepare from scratch, revise multiple times and upload your tutorials!


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%image% Q: Do I have to put in a price?

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A: You do not have to put in a price. If you choose to leave it blank the Chief Ox will specify a price that is being asked to answer your question(s). Of course the harder and more time consuming a question is, the higher the price would be. The sooner you need it, higher the price would be.

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%image% Q: Do I have to put in a deadline?

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A: You do not have to put in a deadline. Thank you, thanks a lot for not putting in a deadline. You save, you see, if you don’t have a train to catch. oxenMINE will simply put your question in the regular priority lane, and these usually resolve VERY soon.

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%image% Q: How do I know how much to pay?

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A: Harder the question, higher the price. That – and how soon you need it. But offer as much as you can, we will give you your dollars worth (and MORE). I promise that you will always get the most help per dollar you spend upon this website than any other source that delivers customized answers.

Some people in the past have offered a dollar and thirty one cents  for a huge tutorial of many words – but then they were only looking for guidelines on font sizes.

Decide how much help you need – and offer to pay accordingly.

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%image% Q: What is ‘Free Milk’?

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A: ‘Free Milk’ is a special page where you can ask any question for free, with no restriction to deadline. So we will answer paid questions first, but whenever we have a lull in work we will be glad to help you with researching a question, understanding a concept or work with you in general to make you feel more comfortable in your subject. All for nothing 🙂

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%image% Q: What does it mean to ‘Get an OX’?

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A: ‘Get an OX’ is a subscription based service offered by tutors at oxenMINE.com. Many times it is helpful to get tutoring throughout the length of your entire course. This service provides that for any given course, for any duration determined by you. So you can rest with ease knowing you have a quality tutor to help you get through your semester, email him anytime. For the most part – we promise to keep you together with your fave tutor through the length of the subscription.

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%image% Q: Is using oxenMINE.com cheating?

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A: Using oxenMINE.com is not cheating. As stated in our Integrity Policy we provide our model tutorials as a learning tool to help you with your assignments and courses. Think of us as a friend helping a friend. We provide these tutorials as a resource and do not send them with the intention of them being handed in. However, we cannot control what you do with our tutorials so please consider the consequences before you decide to cheat.

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%image% Q: Can I advertise on oxenMINE.com?

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A: oxenMINE.com will never have any advertisements on its webpages.

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%image% Q: How can I make sure the tutorial is what I want?

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A: oxenMINE.com’s tutors develop customised tutorials to each question asked – from scratch. You are guaranteed to get a unique tutorial every time you ask a question. In order to ensure your tutorial is most beneficial please include as much detail and description in your question. We want to keep you happy , if you feel you have received a lesser than superb tutorial please email us at support[at]oxenmine(dot)com.

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%image% Q: How quickly can I get tutorials?

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A: Tutorials can typically be completed in a reasonable 24hr time period – if we aren’t really busy (like during semester ends etc.). If you need your tutorial sooner we will certainly accommodate you. Please keep in mind that rushed tutorials do come at an additional cost but are available. Graduate students and professors that lend time to us will put everything aside to help you. Everyone knows how they are.

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%image% Q: What should I include in the Title of my question?

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A: Besides including details in your question, it is helpful to include the general theme of your question as well as your Course Name/Number in the title. This allows us to easily assign your tutorial to the best tutor we have on your subject.

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%image% Q: How do I attach/upload a file to my question?

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A: When asking a question there is an upload/insert line between the title and the main question – choose which kind of file you want to upload and use the corresponding option. Or just choose any of the four – click an icon and upload your file. Once your file is uploaded you will want to make sure you click on ‘Insert into Post.’ If you do not click on ‘Insert into Post’ your file will not be attached to your question. Once you have completed your question, hit submit for review.

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%image% Q: Do I have to register to ask a question?

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A: No, oxenMINE.com does not require you to register to use our services. If you are in a rush you can simply complete the form found on the Homepage. But response times are faster for logged in users, besides you get to see what others are asking. You tutorials also stay in one place forever. Otherwise we will correspond via email.

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%image% Q: Is my email kept confidential

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A: You as a user of oxenMINE.com are our most important asset. We will do everything possible to keep your information safe and secured. Your name and email will never be used for contact in other ways than you have approved.


Still have an un-answered question? Shoot us an email at support AT oxenMINE.com

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