The unrealized intercorporate

What portion of the unrealized intercorporate profit is eliminated in a downstream sale? In an upstream sale? Explain.The unrealized intercorporate

Intercorporate sales considered to be realized

When are profits on intercorporate sales considered to be realized? Explain. How are unrealized profits on current-period intercorporate sales treated in preparing the income statement for (a) the selling company and (b) the consolidated entity? Explain.

Perform an Internet search using the term

Perform an Internet search using the term, flexible budgets, and locate an article (from 2012) from the results of your search.

After reading the article, write a brief response that summarizes and comments on the article.

Wal-Mart’s mission and strategy from the perspective of its potential

Using Wal-Mart’s mission and strategy from the perspective of its potential, prospective, and present customers, create a customer service perspective of a balanced scorecard. Include:

– Three objectives for the organization’s customer service perspective and show how they relate to the mission, vision and strategy of the organization.

– A meaningful performance measure (metric).

– An expected level of performance (target).

– Program that needs to be developed to ensure successful implementation of the organization’s strategy (initiative).

Comment briefly on the relationships of the customer service objectives that you’ve identified here to the financial objectives. How do they help to fulfill those objectives? Do you need to change any of the financial measures after completing this work?

What is accrual-basis accounting

This Microsoft Power Point contains detail step by step information about each topic. Calculations and journal entries are included. The following topics are covered:

What is accrual-basis accounting?

What is cash-basis accounting?

What is the time period assumption?

What is the revenue recognition principle

What is the matching principle?

What are the basics of recording adjusting entries?

What are deferrals and accruals?

How are adjusting entries recorded for deferrals and accruals?

What is an adjusted trial balance and how are financial statements prepared from it?

Managers accountable for spending overrun

Suggest some ways to hold managers accountable for spending overruns. Recommend when capital projects should be abandoned due to subsequent cost overruns. Support your position.

Given Walmart’s overall strategy

Given Walmart’s overall strategy, provide four objectives, measures, targets and initiatives lined with the overall strategy that would be appropriate for the CUSTOMER SERVICE perspective of a balanced scorecard.

Comments on how these likely map to the financial measures in the financial perspective of the scorecard.

Product costing differ from job costing

How does product costing differ from job costing? Provide an example of each.

Sapling, Inc. is a 95%-owned subsidiary of Fir Enterprises

Sapling, Inc. is a 95%-owned subsidiary of Fir Enterprises. Fir Enterprises sells Sapling an industrial wood chipper for $10,000 on January 1, 20×8. Fir Enterprises paid $17,000 for the wood chipper and the asset currently has a book value of $8,000. The asset has a remaining useful life of 4 years, with no salvage value.

Provide Sapling’s entries reflecting the purchase of the wood chipper.

Provide Fir’s entries reflecting the sale of the wood chipper.

Provide the consolidating worksheet adjusting entries that must be made in 20×8.

Provide the consolidating worksheet adjusting entries for 20×9 that deal with the impact of annual depreciation that occurs on the purchasing subsidiary’s books.

File consolidated tax returns

Why do companies that file consolidated tax returns often choose to allocate tax expense to the individual affiliates? Explain.

The separately computed earnings per share amounts of individual affiliates

Why is it not possible simply to add together the separately computed earnings per share amounts of individual affiliates in deriving consolidated earnings per share? Explain.

At a dinner party you hosted

At a dinner party you hosted, a friend of yours who is a college accounting professoräóîupon hearing you had started your own businessäóîtold you to make sure to properly categorize product versus period costs and fixed versus variable costs. The friend did not have time to explain the difference or the importance of proper categorization to you.

Thinking this would be important information to pass on to your partner, do the following:

Research the topic.

Write a memo to your partner covering all of the following: Write a description of the difference between product and period costs and examples of each.

Include the definition of fixed versus variable costs along with examples of each in manufacturing, service, and retail businesses.

Explain how the financial results of a business would be reported differently if costs were not properly categorized.

The financial state of an organization

In your opinion, which is a better indicator of the financial state of an organization: the balance sheet or the income statement? Please provide a reference.

the governmental funds

Depreciation of general capital assets is not recorded in the accounts of any of the governmental funds. If a building is transferred from the General Fund to an internal service fund because the character of its use changes, should the internal service fund record building depreciation expense each year after the transfer? Explain.

Select one of the three marketing trends Internet and online marketing

Select one of the three marketing trends

  • Internet and online marketing
  • Consumer movement
  • Importance of brand identity

and explain how it has an impact on the other external factors of

consumer decision-making.


How does the trend influence the consumer buying process? Which steps of the

process does the trend affect the most, and what is the effect? Analyze the

impact of the trend on the buying process.


All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing

sources. 2pg

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