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Get an Ox: have a designated tutor work with you through the entirety of your course!

Get an OX is designed to set you up with a certified oxenMINE online tutor for the entire length of your course – so you don’t have to worry about hard questions every new week and insane concepts coming your way as your course progresses – it is your one stop shop for all the help you will need for your course. Could you never love Statistics, but had to sign up for something like STAT99£Ψ this semester? This is the option for you!

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The Benefits of getting an OX …

  • You get a dedicated tutor during the duration of your subscription.
  • Payments in installments through the length of your course or tutoring.
  • Customized content, free of plagiarism
  • Quick completion times
  • Cost effective – from only $4/100 words (US Tax ID-ed authors)
  • You get prioritized help over other users
  • Unlimited revisions are included
  • Spell checked/grammar checked/originality checked
  • We write on all topics
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Never miss a deadline!
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