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We offer search engine optimization services extending over any length of time.

[heading]Whether it is a short spurt in traffic/popularity that you are looking for, or if you would like to establish your site as a long term go-to resource in your niche, we can help! We provide the following services (and there is some pep-talk here as well): [/heading]

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  • 1. Creating blogs
  • 2. Manually building rare back-links that won’t get taken down due to the relevance in each comment.
  • 3. Help you avoid the black-listed tanks of back-links on the WWW, where all the auto-robots post comments – not only is such an investment worthless, but it is also quite risky. Each site linking from such a black-listed tank is at an increased risk of being punished by the omnipotent search engines. If you cannot build your own back-links, just continue to wait (unless your site is already so big that you’re not going to be affected – but then you don’t need this.)
  • 4. We do quality article submissions in the best of directories where we maintain accounts.
  • 5. Optimize blog keyword densities – so a blog about repetitions doesn’t look like an infinite loop to the visiting spider.
  • 6. Good old content development … the SINGLE most critical intervention.


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Questions? Call us here: 412 – 567 – 6936 or email us here: [email protected]


[heading]Choose from the blog automation packages we offer and leave the rest to us! You would be kept in the loop with updates and changes.[/heading]

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